I have reposted my The Professionals/Chronicles of Narnia story to AO3.  Granted, The Professionals aired and Narnia was published before most of the Tumblr demographic (and myself) were born, so I don’t know if anyone will actually read it, but if you’re interested, a fandom-of-my-heart and Problem-of-Susan crossover:

Once A King or Queen in Narnia - 6145 words, Susan Pevensie grew up and joined CI5, but she never stopped being a Queen of Narnia.

It’s still my favorite of everything I’ve written.  Spoilers for all of Narnia and for The Purging of CI5, which if you’ve ever seen The Professionals was probably the episode that people used to pimp you into the fandom.  :)

In other news, Chapter 14 of In Ered Luin stands at 11000 words and is still going strong… oy.

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